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  • CR Coil Slitting Machines

    CR Coil Slitting Machines

    We are manufacturer & exporter of Coil Slitting Machine, CR Coil Slitting Machine & HR Coil Slitting Machine from Ghaziabad, India. Our CR Coil Slitting Machines are used to slit a variety of materials. They have a number of user-friendly features that were incorporated into it utilizing cutting-edge technology. Before being supplied to the client, these Lines are tested on a number of quality-related criteria. They are very effective and safe to use. CR Coil Slitting Machines are tested under various parameters to ensure their high quality and effectiveness. They are very much liked and highly appreciated by people, in the market.

    Our product is widely used for slitting of different metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum etc. Furthermore, it is widely used in different industries for strip processing and coil handling purposes.


    • High running accuracy of knife at arbors
    • Constant parallel distance between the last deflector
    • Roll and Re-coiler drum
    • Straight edged recoiling
    • Economic efficiency due to high automation level
    • Automatic Strip Threading
    • Minimum Burr on strip
    • Less maintenance
    • Easy installation


    De-coiler & Un-coiler Unit

    The de-coiler/uncoiling unit of our cut to length line allows several coil stocks to be pre-placed on the loading station. It is available with single head or double heads to suit different requirements.

    Snubber & Pillar Table Assembly

    Snubber is used for pressing the coil O.D. Snubber can be operated either hydraulically or pneumatically. Hydraulically operated pillar table facilitates the entry of sheet into straightener/leveller.

    Sheet Leveller

    The leveler is used to level the coil to desired flatness range. The feed rolls make the entry & exit of sheet from straightener easy. The rolls can be adjusted manually, hydraulically or by motor. Rolls are hardened to HRC 55-60. Provides good abrasion resistance & long service life.

    Shearing Unit

    Entry or Exit Shearing is provided according to customer's requirement. This unit is hydraulic.

    Slitter Assembly

    The coil is cut width wise as required by the cutters provided in the slitter assembly. The slitter is provided with feed rolls for facilitating the entry & exit of sheet. Separator is provided for providing a gap between slits.

    Pinch Roller / Pressure Pad & Deflector Rolls
    These are used for tightening & ease the rewinding of slitted coil.

    Re-Coiler Unit

    This unit rewinds the slitted coils into baby coils. Unit is provided with drive. Separator is also provided in this unit.

    Coil Car - Entry & Exit

    Coil Car/ Lifter eases the work of un-loading the slitted coils from Re-coiler's Jaws. Coil Car is power driven and can move to & from on rails. Coil Car move up & down by hydraulic cylinder. For light coils, coil hanger can be used

    Scrap Winders

    Driven by A/C geared motor/hydraulic motor to rewind the scrap.

    Applications Area:

    • Metal cutting industry
    • Steel industry
    • Piping industry